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Núria Samper

Marketing, Product Management, Business Strategy, Mobile & related stuff

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After a sizzling and sticky mediterranean summer, September has come full of energy and with refreshing ideas one more year, at least, for me. I have always considered this month the real beginning of the year despite the cultural common festive idea of January as the opening of the calendar.

If there is something good about summer and its excessive temperatures, it would be having plenty of time to enjoy reading. As a matter of fact, I have had enough time to re-read Lean Startup and discover a great content on the web. Talking about it, there is a team that offers you the possibility to plan in depth your venture service with clear and creative templates. Besides, the mention of Eric’s Ries book it is not a coincidence or an anecdote, after having work almost the year following his criteria in the startup I am working for, I have notice that something was missing, and that something was covered by Namahn and Design Flanders with their understanding of the whole user journey and the way they capture the scope in few templates.

I will show you some samples of the service Design Toolkit which I strongly recommend in order to innovate and look your service over carefully.

Enjoy the templates, here it is the full set.

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Gamification: real applications outside gaming context

Gamification: real applications outside gaming context

Quoting gamification wiki: “Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.” 

However, the quotation I like the most is: “Using Game Design Elements in Non-Gaming Contexts”, which defines the whole scope in just one short sentence. To my mind, within this definition we encounter the 3 W of gamification: What, Why and Whom.

A lot has been set about this mainstream concept, but as usual, it is always more to the ad. I would like to share with you my latest experience after some testing and work regarding this topic.

Gamification is not for you

Being said that, you may well shouldn’t step forward into it after considering the following key aspects before laying out your gamification strategy:

  1. Define business objectives and KPIs. Even better if you have in front of your business plan displayed in a canvas (soon I’ll talk about its depth in the blog­­)
  2. Always stay focus, even rather obvious, is easy to forget the main business objective.
  3. Choose the trigger behaviors that are needed to be reproduced by your target users.
  4. Describe your players: who are they, what motivate them, which are their habits, preferences, tendencies, …
  5. Draw line loops: when the gamification would be effective when I will do it,…
  6. The secret ingredient: Fun. If we are talking about gamification we should add some fun to the formula, or at least something appealing and stimulating.
  7. Build, buy or take advantage of someone else’s tools. As one supplier told me once: “Someone has had the same need or asked for it before me, so there must be a path already walked”

Talking about abstract concepts is not appealing to anybody, therefore, I will place a case that I have recently analyzed. I must prevent you, is not one of those case studies from Cambridge but is part of my personal investigation methodology to discover new apps and get into their processes to find out what I might use in my job.

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Mobile World Congress 2015

There is no better moment to start introducing my blog in English than this week, in which mobile industry is in the hot spot in my city home, Barcelona.

Mobile Payment

One of the most important news in the few days of congress is this one: mobile payment has become a reality. In my current job we are developing our concept in one of these pillars, and this week news are greater than expected for our future expansion.

Apple, Samsung and Pay Pal are the big players and it is still uncertain which of these will cope the market in less time. Likewise, we should be mindful that is going to be unveiled the iWacht next Monday and could add a new factor in the competition.

All these player are supported by the NFC technology, which I firmly believe is the present

If you take a peek to this blog you will notice that all the previous content was written in Spanish, one of my mother languages. Do not get confuse, I was writing for two and a half years before jumping to English. I should apologise for my future mistakes but there is only one way to improve, keeping learning from your mistakes.

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Mobile marketing, modelos de negocio para apps y mobile analytics. Parte II

<!--:es-->Mobile marketing, modelos de negocio para apps y mobile analytics. Parte II<!--:-->

Dentro de mundo del marketing online es imprescindible medir nuestras acciones y las de nuestros usuarios, no es una cuestión de control, que también, sino de ver si estamos invirtiendo bien nuestro presupuesto. En este artículo descubriremos herramientas de mobile analytics, que es y como optimizar nuestro ASO y SEO móvil y las herramientas gratuitas que disponemos para ello. Sigue leyendo…

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Mobile marketing, modelos de negocio para apps y mobile analytics. Parte I

<!--:es-->Mobile marketing, modelos de negocio para apps y mobile analytics. Parte I<!--:-->

El mobile marketing no es una simple moda u otro boom como los negocios punto com, es la evolución natural de la tecnología y la comunicación. Aunque, su auge tan rápido, nos puede dejar descolocados y no saber muy bien como abordar este nuevo medio de marketing. La suerte que tenemos es que gente como @DanielPeris que  nos lo cuenta de una forma muy cercana.

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