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By nuriasamper

Mobile World Congress 2015

On 05, Mar 2015 | One Comment | In Marketing Online, Mobile Marketing | By nuriasamper

There is no better moment to start introducing my blog in English than this week, in which mobile industry is in the hot spot in my city home, Barcelona.

Mobile Payment

One of the most important news in the few days of congress is this one: mobile payment has become a reality. In my current job we are developing our concept in one of these pillars, and this week news are greater than expected for our future expansion.

Apple, Samsung and Pay Pal are the big players and it is still uncertain which of these will cope the market in less time. Likewise, we should be mindful that is going to be unveiled the iWacht next Monday and could add a new factor in the competition.

All these player are supported by the NFC technology, which I firmly believe is the present

If you take a peek to this blog you will notice that all the previous content was written in Spanish, one of my mother languages. Do not get confuse, I was writing for two and a half years before jumping to English. I should apologise for my future mistakes but there is only one way to improve, keeping learning from your mistakes.


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