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I have started this blog with the aim of sharing my career interests and learnings.
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Service Design, avoiding leaping into the void

[slider slides=”n,n,n” height=”” padding=”70″ effect=”pulse” interval=”4000″ control=”arrows”] After a sizzling and sticky mediterranean summer, September has come full of energy and with refreshing ideas one more year, at least, for me. I have always considered this month the real beginning of the year despite the cultural common festive idea of January as the opening of […]

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Gamification Canvas Model

A very useful tool to begin with your gaming adventure: The Gamification Canvas model. As the autor, Sergio Jiménez, describes in his company’s web site: Gamification Model Canvas is an agile, flexible and systematic tool created to help find and evaluate different aproaches based on the play behaviors in no leisure environments solutions. You can dowload […]

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