Service Design, avoiding leaping into the void

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Service Design, avoiding leaping into the void

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After a sizzling and sticky mediterranean summer, September has come full of energy and with refreshing ideas one more year, at least, for me. I have always considered this month the real beginning of the year despite the cultural common festive idea of January as the opening of the calendar.

If there is something good about summer and its excessive temperatures, it would be having plenty of time to enjoy reading. As a matter of fact, I have had enough time to re-read Lean Startup and discover a great content on the web. Talking about it, there is a team that offers you the possibility to plan in depth your venture service with clear and creative templates. Besides, the mention of Eric’s Ries book it is not a coincidence or an anecdote, after having work almost the year following his criteria in the startup I am working for, I have notice that something was missing, and that something was covered by Namahn and Design Flanders with their understanding of the whole user journey and the way they capture the scope in few templates.

I will show you some samples of the service Design Toolkit which I strongly recommend in order to innovate and look your service over carefully.

Enjoy the templates, here it is the full set.

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