User’s laws in Marketing Online

User's LAw
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User’s laws in Marketing Online

I was currently reviewing some theories and papers about Marketing Online when I bumped into some smart concepts which I found useful in any kind of project. I would like to share it with you, I hope they might give you new ideas or recall your forgotten ones.

Users only have have two goals: to get answers to their questions, get something and leave. The sad reality is that the user can not understand what they want if you do not show them what they want.

To extract the necessary steps and points to get to specific goals, it is essential the systematization OF Gall’s law provides that:

  • There is always a process
  • They must have clear steps
  • Do not improvise
  • System = repeatable process
  • Create a system it allows you to analyze and improve process steps
  • If your sistematizas you can not automate processes



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